Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since 1950, polyester and polyethylene plastic film have successfully been applied to packaged goods, vacuum packing machines began to develop rapidly. A domestic brand, TaFung, is committed to vacuum packaging machinery manufacturing for over 25 years. With the introduction of foreign machinery and technology, to follow, to learn and improve, to become in line with the needs of the domestic market models, we have established a good reputation after continuous improvement and also, successfully exported to Mainland China and other Southeast Asia countries.

In times of economic slowdown, the advent of low-profit era, the face of pressure and competition of the parties, TaFung is still a stable growth depends entirely on steady acting style of the person in charged, Mr. Huang Junjie. Despite over 20 years of experiences in the field of vacuum technology, TaFung along the way upholds the quality assurance philosophy and commits to strengthen key components of vacuum packaging machine, such as applying electrolytic treatment, sandblasting on stainless steel, reinforcing mechanical acid properties, and enhancing the machine's horsepower and the use of self-improvement to increase the efficiency of vacuum technology emphasizing on the durability and strength. Unlike commercially vacuum valve on the market, with a large flow and moisture-resistant features, vacuum packaging for the electronics industry has a great effect.

Company Philosophy
We treat our quality more than quantity. We see our service more than our sales.